Call me ‘A’.

After a lot of debate with myself, I decided to create a Blog, call it what you wish; escapism, hiding, cringe… it is infact all of the above, however, and there is a big however. Whilst debating with my inner: Mother Teresa to just write all  my pent up feelings in a personal diary, for my eyes only; or to go with my Regina George side and write a burn book slandering and outing all the people I think the world would revolve a lot smoother without… I somewhat in the kaous of my  mind found a happy medium between the both, thus… a blog. I spontaneously went and purchased a laptop and decided, even if one person in the whole, entire fucking world reads this and shares the same irritations, the same outrages, the same damn right, uncontrollable frustration with fake, bitter, negative people as me and can relate to my emotions… i’ll be happy! ( if my cursing offends you… you are not going to enjoy me as a person.)

Firstly let me just start by saying, I am your not so typical 19 year old girl, what I mean by not so typical is… they broke the mould when they made me and i’m glad because it took me a while to realise but i’m pretty fucking great. I’m not some lonely, nerdy World of WarCraft obsessed idiot, (if you’re the one person in the world reading this and you’re a lonely nerdy World of Warcraft obsessed idiot, well… sorry, not sorry)  I have two quite polar opposite sides (self diagnosed bi-polar/bi-winning according to that prick Charlie Sheen)  I love going out and having fun, shopping, drinking, parties, holidays with my girls…but then again love being in my own company, found myself crying my little heart out to some Nicholas Sparks book/film on the odd occasion. I love travelling and all the different cultures and languages, expect when you’re getting your nails done and the little chinese woman is definitely slagging you off straight to your face but you just smile and nod your head because you have not got a fucking clue what she’s saying. Back to my point though, i’m a sucker for travelling, but I loved it before every Tom, Dick and fucking Harry jumped on the band wagon going to Australia and Thailand, C’mon it’s going to be like going to New Brighton beach down in Bondi soon.  I could go on for hours about the things I love and enjoy doing but there are a few things, that absolutely run me ragged; make me want to let all hell loose and stick my pitch fork right up someones arse and they are what this blog will be about. I am going to be like David Attenborough exploring and educating the naive  about these creatures, i’ll be teaching you:

  1.  How to spot them…

  2. How they prey…

  3. My handy survival guide if you ever find yourself surrounded by a wild pack of them…

  4. I’ll be sharing my experiences with different members of this species.

This blog is about the Conceited, lying, spineless, fake worms that are Fake, Controlling ‘friends’ /boyfriends/Ex’s/Cheats/ Bullies and Parents who shouldn’t be parents. I do consider myself the Beyonce of spotting and dealing with  that particular species. (Although my rules and tips have a 99.9% track record, on spotting, dealing with and also on the rarity converting the fake to the friend* I’d just like to state, you can’t always polish a turd, you can roll it in glitter… but at the end of the day its still a piece of shite.)

*on the rare occasion you can tame these wild, inhumane creatures and nurture them into becoming half decent people, trust with your discretion.


Any questions/queries or requests/reviews  you wish for me to do, email me and I will happily do so :